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A special guest house



At the house of the vine we like to take care of our guests. The hosts of our guest house of course, but also those of our garden. The many species of animals and insects that frequent our property have managed to find over the years the path of shelters for them. Our garden is thus equipped with wooden or cork nest boxes, for about fifteen different birds, with dimensions adapted to each of them, shelters of hidden branches for the hedgehogs, or refuges for bats.

This autumn, we are inaugurating a new equipment dedicated to the smallest guests of our garden: An insect guest house. This guest house has several "rooms"

Specifically adapted to the housing of different types of insects, and ladybugs, mason wasps, hoverflies, can lay their eggs, or their larvae in peace by sheltering them for the winter. So when the good weather comes back our guests will be on hand to help us fight the pests of our garden.

Our insect guest house will be enriched over the years and seasons to offer greater diversity and preserve our ecosystem.

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