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a micro brewery at the house of the vine



It is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and for some time in Corsica as well. The craze for beer in general and for craft beers in particular has grown considerably nowadays. Lovers of good things, at the House of the vine we taste with pleasure all the creations of Corsican beers. Our curiosity, however, pushed us to look for new flavors and made us want to create our own recipes.
This is why we have equipped ourselves with the latest equipment to concoct original beers that you will only find in our guesthouse.
Our goal is not to come up with a 'typical' beer and reproduce it over and over again, but rather to create a new recipe with each brew. We will thus have a multitude of rare beers brewed according to the season, and the desire with varied flavors capable of pleasing all palates in all seasons.
We will explore all the existing specialties, high or low fermentation, such as American, Belgian, English or German, Ale, Lager, IPA, the possibilities are limitless, we can't wait to start brewing as well as tasting these marvels.
The first of our creations is a lager Ale fermented at high temperature brewed with hops of Czech origin with spicy, floral and slightly peppery aromas.
The Maison de la Vigne beers will be brewed in very small quantities, and can be made on demand during a beer themed stay in our guesthouse.
See you soon for the first tastings.

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