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Abreuvoir géant pour oiseaux



At the Maison de la Vigne we love nature, and do our maximum to preserve it forever. In the period we are going through it seems essential to take part in the rescue of our planet in any case of the micro plot of planet that we hold our property, our region. We have been refuge for the bird protection league for several years. This results in the preservation of hedges, trees, dead branches, non -mowed meadows, composter, coppice and above all, water point. During the hot weather not only summer in our time, it only takes a few minutes of calm for many species to drink and refresh themselves. Charcoal chicks, blue chicks, nestles, flies, red gorges, black headwoods, elegant goldfinch, come to snatch on the submerged part of the overflow or in the fountain part of our swimming pool. A tiny receptacle on the spillway of this fountain part is used by blue tits to refresh itself without risking drowning or predators' attack. To attend this amazing show, just position yourself without noise on our terrace, at any time of the day, or even having breakfast in the morning. The sound of the waterflowing of the water, the song of the birds and their pleasure in playing in the water will surely be one of the good memories that you will bring in your stay in Corsica and at the Maison de la Vigne.

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