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Electric charging station



That's it we installed it, we are ready to recharge all electric vehicles for our hosts in 3.2 kW

We have thought about it for a long time, offer an electric charging station for our hosts and why not go to the electric car? On paper it's eco -friendly, it's almost perfect economical, but it was worth it in our beautiful village in Venzolasca? The first trade is 1.8 km from our guest house, Bastia is 25km, Folelli 10km or Corté 50, it seemed playable. It only remained to find an adapted and affordable electric car, this was the case with a Dacia Spring.

For its recharge we have installed a terminal with type 2 cable with 3.2kilowatts power to recharge our battery in just under 5 hours and the majority of electric vehicles on the market. This duration varies from one car to another but in one night any vehicle can be loaded in full.

We have referenced our charger on the dedicated application which allows you to locate all terminals in the sector where we are, this allows you to easily plan a long journey with recharging stages.

The recharge of electric cars will only be accessible for hosts in the Maison de la Vigne at a price per kilowatt used, billed by € 5. Electric vehicles being more and more numerous for rent you will have to reserve your recharge at the same time as its room, the Maison de la Vigne currently has a single charger.

We now use this equipment as well as our electric car for two months now, and we are won over. The load is scheduled during the night and the car is very pleasant to drive silent and economical.

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