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Pond of Biguglia
mar. 2014

Discovery of Fornacina Park

Pond of Biguglia


During your stay in our guest house in Venzolasca, you can during a visit to Bastia and its surroundings, make a stop at the pond of Biguglia in Fornacina Park. This natural area is remarkable for many reasons.

  • It is first access to Genoese fort located on the island "Ischia Nova" in the pond of Biguglia, transformed into an eco-museum.
  • This park is located at the gateway to the Biguglia pond. This pond is the largest wetland in Corsica and is one of the most important French sites for its waterfowl attendance during the winter.
  • Finally the park of Fornacina of a surface of twenty hectares proposes a course of health, a running track, a sported park, a peerage, in short enough to spend a moment of relaxation in the nature in peace or more sportingly.

To access this dream spot, we advise you to take the Marana Lagoon Route. You will avoid the industrial areas of the entrance to Bastia, discover different beaches on your way and bypass the pond on its east side. You will also see the mythical Furiani stadium before taking the path to the park. By taking this route, the Fornacina Park and the Biguglia Pond are thirty-five minutes from the Maison de la Vigne.

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