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Since well before the opening of our guest house "the house of the vine" in our village of Venzolasca in Corsica, we designed and realized pieces of furniture for our interior or our various shops. We have of course pursued this exciting occupation with our "house of the vine" by custom manufacturing the furniture and accessories we dreamed of for the decoration of our guest house, but without finding them in existing businesses. It has been eleven years since our creations adorn our interior, attracting many of our visitors every year. So little by little, by agreeing to sell to our guests a bar stool that they liked or a night table they found practical and original, we decided to present all of our creations in our establishment "The house of the vine"

These objects or furniture are now branded "Maurille" and are offered to guests staying in our guest house, by appointment to outside visitors in our "shop in house", or on our website . You will find in our collection useful creations for the whole house, but also for the terraces and the garden. The style of these furniture or lighting is very often unique and helps to create a retro, industrial, or rustic atmosphere. Their weathered appearance will often give the impression that they have crossed the time. Diverted or recycled We do not want new items or foil in our decoration, this is what our visitors generally appreciate.

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