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Homemade soap



At the Maison de la Vigne, ecology has always counted a lot. We are committed to preserving our environment and Corsican nature and use all means to achieve this. As such, any consumption of local products is preferable to importing products from outside our island and sometimes our country. Since the opening of our guesthouse, we have been looking for natural soaps, made as closely as possible, at prices that are not prohibitive. With this in mind, we tried a prestigious brand with Corsican essential oils with a rather luxurious connotation only to find that they were finally made in Portugal. What a disappointment, so we decided to start manufacturing our own soaps, of course natural scented with Corsican essential oils. We started with lavender and helichrysum soaps that we wrap with kraft paper that is composted after use. These soaps are very pleasant to use for both the hands and the body. Our guests thus find at the Maison de la Vigne a unique soap and participate in the overall preservation of our island.

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