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The forest garden of the Maison de la Vigne



In our Guest House, La maison de la Vigne ecology matters a lot. We take care of our environment by limiting our impact on the surrounding nature. This is done in several ways, but today we are going to talk about our forest garden or maquis garden since we are in Corsica. The general impression that emerges from our garden is a huge space of greenery with large trees that hardly suggests that there is a house within it.
Among the advantages of this forest garden in addition to its aesthetic aspect there is thermal protection. In summer, the shade and the perspiration of the trees create an upward current of air which generates a permanent sensation of freshness. In winter we are protected from wind, dew and cold.
This forest garden provides multiple shelters for birds, hedgehogs, or foxes day and night, so many species assiduously frequent our vegetation.
Another advantage is that most plants are naturally present on our land, so they do not need much watering since they have grown spontaneously. Strawberry trees, heather, cork or holm oaks, broom, cistus and lavender are naturally present at our altitude on the Corsican soil of the Eastern plain.
To complete the bucolic aspect of the place, we have sparingly added a few flower beds that coexist perfectly with the rest of our forest garden. During your stay in our guest house, you will be able to explore with us this Corsican maquis garden and the small botanical path that winds through it.

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