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The mouth of the Golo
jun. 2018

To the mouth of the Golo

The mouth of the Golo

A walk to Venzolasca


In our beautiful village of Venzolasca in Haute Corse, we have the chance to enjoy many nature walks. Among these, along the beach of Venzolasca the paths of the channels of Casinca. We will take today the one that goes to the mouth of the Golo. From the sign "mouth of the golo" to the beach the course is about 1350 meters. We begin this walk on a dirt road forbidden to motor vehicles to ensure the tranquility of all. A canal and a meadow on one side, a eucalyptus forest on the other you can enjoy the panorama of the mountains. At the end of the first part of the route the canal hitherto flows into a dead arm of the Golo "Ciavatone pit". To discover the second part of the mouth of the longest river of Corsica, we must go along this arm of water to the beach. The sandy path now crosses a kind of high meadow. Arriving on the beach the vegetation is shaved and gives way to pure sand. The peculiarity of this zone is the great variety of environments in a small space. This area is a privileged habitat for many plant and animal species. You will discover, for example, birds like the harrier of the reeds, or the very colorful European bee-eaters. Very calm including in summer season this natural area deserves the interest. It is possible for the return to pass by the beach of South Cape, thus making a very pleasant and varied loop in natural landscapes.
Link to an aerial video of the promenade:

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