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Air-conditioned guest room
mar. 2014

Air-conditioned rooms

Air-conditioned guest room


Since its creation in 2009, the house of the vine counted on natural means to ensure the freshness of its walls. Large trees overlooking the buildings, water points, thick shutters, and drafts were ample for comfort even in the hottest summer. But for several years waves of heat waves cross Corsica and can begin in the month of June; We had to re-examine the situation. Ecological reasons, we were pushing the installation of air conditioners, energy-consuming, and unattractive. So we opted after thinking for a heat pump system that provides both air conditioning and heating using a minimum of energy. We have thus respected the ecological charter of the Maison de la Vigne, while ensuring the comfort of our guests. These ultra-quiet devices inside the rooms as well as outside, will still benefit from a discreet location under our terraces. There will be no visual or acoustic pollution caused by these new equipment. Our guest rooms will enjoy today an ideal temperature in any season.

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