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the ecological cabanon of the vineyard house
mar. 2014

Ecological shed

the ecological cabanon of the vineyard house


Our guest house in Venzolasca offers four guest rooms including: An ecological cabanon. This shed is environmentally friendly for many reasons, the first of which is that it has not been demolished despite the poor condition of its masonry. We preferred to consolidate it with natural materials such as wood to preserve the building as built fifty years ago by my grandfather.

Inside this rudimentary building, we made a cocoon made of cork and wood for the floor, the walls and the ceiling. In addition to the warmth, these materials provide unparalleled acoustic and thermal comfort. This allows you to spend the summer cool with a simple fan more environmentally friendly air conditioner. The use of electricity is minimized for lighting through the use of LED bulbs only. In the bathroom of this shed a washbasin and a classic shower, the ecology hides here in the recovery of greywater for watering the garden. The most ecological object of this shed is its toilet. This one is dry litter. It is triply useful for nature because it does not consume water at all, does not pollute water or anything else, and makes compost for garden flowers. Staying in this ecological shed is a charitable act for our planet and our island.

To stay in this eco-friendly cabanon, just book it online on our website at room le cabanon

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