Maison de la vigne

Micro Brewery

The micro brasserie of the house of the vine is installed within our guest house in the village of Venzolasca since September 2020.
At the Micro Brewery of the Vine House All brewing experiences are allowed and planned. Our goal is to visit all types of beers and explore all the possibilities of brewing. All regional styles will be visited and we will authorize all the worthy experiences of beings by providing taste pleasures.
We offer you an initiatory trip to the land of beer that will last long and renew itself.
This is possible thanks to our dual status: guest house and micro brewery. You will be able to merge the pleasures of staying at the house of the vine by tasting the beers of the vine.
Our snack is another way to discover our beers for a house relaxing at the house of the vine.
The rate of production of our beers is about two brews per month. Each recipe is different, produced in limited quantities and often once. This makes most of our ephemeral beer beers, called "capsule" collections in other universes, but well adapted to the world of beer.
Our constant moving range has to date over twenty beers brewed since our opening. This range will be widened over our brassins to offer the widest palette of flavors and aromas for neophytes or the most initiated.
To help you choose the beer that will suit you among our production, several unusual indications are present on our labels. We indicate as such the IBU beer bitterness index for Internationnal Biterness Unit, ranging from 0 for no bitterness to 150 for maximum bitterness.
The color of beer with difficulty appreciable through the brown glass bottles, is also measured by an EBC index for European Brewery Convention vary from 0 for the clearest 140 beers for the darkest.
New information such as the density or number of calories present in our beers should soon be included on our labels to refine its choice or knowledge of the product.
Here are some of our beers: Ale at Noble SAAZ hops, triple Belgian blonde 12.08% alcohol, IPA de Venzolasca IBU 90 Index, beer with finely roasted casinca chestnape, beer in Figatellu (unique in the world), Season at the combova of our garden, IPA Mono Houblon Simcoe, Français Ale in hops is Kent Golding, English IPA in hops is Kent Golding, Acidulous Summer Beer with Almost Absent Ibu 4 Index Bitterness, Neipa Acronym New England India Pale Ale, beer with floral aromas, and with sweet and long bitterness.
The beers of the micro brewery of the vine are only available at the house of La Vigne our guest house in Venzolasca, take away, to enjoy on site during a meal at the table d'hôtes or the snack.

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